Let do running, biking, hiking or racing free only with your watch. Then, fully analyse your workout with its amazing OLED screen. Run4Gear is a 100% standalone application specifically designed for Samsung Smartwatches. Run4Gear is leveraging all the galaxy watch's sensors to record the most accurate measures. No connection to the phone is required and nothing needs to be installed on your phone. Run4Gear is not a commercial product, your data are not sold or shared, nothing goes out from your watch if you do not export your activities to third party apps or use live tracking. Now, only the English language is supported.



To run correctly GPS must be enabled on your watch. It is better to disable automatic SHealth workout detection to prevent annoying SHealth notifications during your run.


Bluetooth/LTE export uses mobile phone data transfer that may add extra cost to your phone bill. Third-party sites availabilty may vary at any time according to the third-party sites import policy.