Start screen

When Run4Gear starts, the first screen enables to :

Configuration screen

All the settings of Run4Gear are here. You can navigate into these settings using the following sub-menus.





Activity screens

Activity screens are displayed when Run4gear is recording a workout. Start Screen, Configuration and Journal screens are not available during the recording of an activity. To switch between the different activity screens, rotate the bezel or do a brief press on the top of the screen (where hour is displayed in most screens). To stop recording a workout press the back button (top button of the watch).

Run Screen

That screen displays all your running informations. Going from top to bottom, current hour, workout duration, Average speed, current speed, current heart rate frequency, current stride rate and Total distance". Furthermore, under current speed and current heart rate frequency, the percentage of your maximal aerobic speed and percentage of your maximum heart rate frequency is displayed. You must configure your maximal aerobic speed and heart rate max/rest frequency" to have correct displaying of this information. If you press the back button the pause screen will open.

Pause Screen

That screen enable to stop & save, stop and delete, pause & resume your activity. When the screen is displayed your activity is in pause, no more data is recorded. If you press the back button (top button of the watch) you resume" your activity thus you come back to the previous screen and the recording restart. If you press Save the activity is recorded and you come back to the Start Screen". If you press "Del", you come back to the Start Screen" but your activity is not saved. Be careful after confirmation of the Stop & delete* operation, there is no way to undo that opération.

Auto Pause/Start

When the pause screen is displayed, you can activate(green)/deactivate(grey) the auto pause feature by pressing the button. When activiated, the pause screen automatically appear/disappear chen you speed is at zero.

Lap Screen

That screen displays laps information, we call a lap a chunk of your activity. The top screen is dedicated to the displaying of the current lap (ie. the one you are currently recording). Duration, Distance, Average Speed and Current Heartrate frequency are displayed. The bottom of the screen is dedicated to the displaying of previous laps informations. You can scroll between laps with the touch screen. To create a new lap, press the Back Button" a small vibration should be emitted. There is no way to access Pause Screen" when Lap Screen is displayed. However, you can always switch to other *Activity Screen" to access it by rotating the bezel or doing a small press on the top of the screen.

Interval Training

Interval training are accessible from the Lap Screen, press the three dots on the right to display them. Select your IT and then press start to begin the IT. To stop on interval training, reopen the three dots menu and press the manual lap item or stop & save/delete your activity. By default, 3 well-known interval training are available Tabata, 30/30 and 60/60. One can create and use his training by using the Run4Gear Interval Training builder accessible here. Create you it and then save it into the Configuration/IntervalTraining folder of your Run4Gear dropbox folder. You must connect Run4Gear to your Dropbox account to use that feature. After adding a new interval training file into dropbox, wait few seconds and restart Run4Gear on your watch. Go running, you should have access to your new IT. Only the 7 first files of the dropbox folder are considered and if the file size is too important the IT is not considered. If you edit your IT files manually, only valid files will be considered.

Map Screen

That screen displays the path you've done during your workout. Path is coloured according to your maximum aerobic speed, green (slow), blue (normal), red (fast). The compass indicates in which direction you are moving and distance to starting points is given. Information about altitude is also provided in that view.

History screen

Run4Gear files are stored in your watch nowhere else if you do not export to other sites. The Start View displays a summary of the activities you've done during that week, the previous week and the current month. By touching that summary you enter into the journal screen.

Journal Screen

That screen displays the list of all available files in the watch. Press on one of them to have detail. If you press the three dots menu you can automatically export all unexported files to the configured exports (see configuration) and also remove from the watch files that are older than one month. Having too many files on the watch may slow down Run4Gear and may use non-necessary space (almost 1 Mo per file).

Detail view Screen

Detail view provides almost all the possible informations on an activity. Path, Speed graph, Heartrate graph, Speed zone bar chart, Heartrate zone bar chart, Performance summary (best chunks your activity) and predictions of performance on other distances. Press the three dots button to access t o export and delete operation.